71# You can feel it on your skin – some kind of moisture.

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 Münsterplatz  31.10.12
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Eingeborene(r) Tourist(in) Schweizer(in) Zugezogene (r) Student(in) Sonstiges
Wo sind Sie geboren? United States

We visited Italy and Zurich and then just one day here. It is fantastic! We love it. Europe is so different from America – the culture and the architecture is fantastic. We’ve probably been in 50 cathedrals througout Italy and Zurich. It is fantastic, it is amazing. Yeah, the architecture and the history of it is amazing. The hundred and thousand of years is amazing to us. As in America, you know, we have such a small history.

The people? I love the people. We have no language skills in German, Swiss and Italian. But everyone is so accomadating as long as we say one little word, like “bitte” or “buongiorno” or “dankeschön”. We definitely feel very welcome. It is fantastic.

You can smell the freshness of the water. It is not a smell, though you can feel it on your skin, some kind of moisture. We just always gravitate to the water.

We came here by car from Zurich. In Canada we spent 5 month on the boat on the west coast. So we travel up to Alaska and all in between. So, yes, we’re very water orientated.

In Europe we did not witness anything bad or strange, but for us it is so different that there are so many people everywhere. Not so much here in Konstanz, but in Florence for example. You can see them constantly rush, rush, rush in the streets. You can feel the denseness of the population, and that is very different for us. As we spent nearly all of our time in the wilderness. And then Italian drivers – that is another thing.

We had a beautiful lunch at the hotel Riva. We had fish and risotto and we all had a beer. It was the best beer. It was beautiful. There is good wine here as well. We want to have a Wurschtsalat at some point. So let’s go!