150# To me, the lake smells like peppermint

Ort Datum
Universität 25.10.2012
Gesprächsbeginn Gesprächsende
12.55 13:00
Geschlecht Alter
weiblich 20
Wie lange sind Sie schon in Konstanz?
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Sind Sie
Eingeborene(r) Tourist(in) Schweizer(in) Zugezogene (r) Student(in) Sonstiges
Wo sind Sie geboren?

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I’m from China, from Shanghai. I’m here since October 1st.

When I arrived in Konstanz at the station it was midnight at one o’clock. We had a student/buddy programm and my mentor picked me up and I’m really glad that she could come so late at night and picked me up. Everything is new to me and that was the first impression of Konstanz. I feel that all the people here are  always willing to help the others. When I went to the University at the first day I did not know in which direction I had to go and only spoke “ein bisschen deutsch” and even if they couldn’t speak English they used their body-language to tell me where I had to go. In Shanghai there are about 25 million people and it’s really a big city and everything is really quick so maybe they don’t care because they are more concentrated on their own and in a hurry. If you ask they may help you but if you don’t ask they just let you go because they have other things to do. In Konstanz people ask me if they can help me even if I don’t ask them.

To me the lake smells like peppermint, it gives me the sence of refreshment. And it makes me apart from the normal life and gives me more energy to continue with my normal daily work. When I feel tired or not so good I get off the bus at “Sternenplatz” and walk along the lake to the Imperia so I allways get relaxed.